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Does your organization require accreditation? Feel Be Do Good has expertise in both education and healthcare accreditation practices. We ensure you're following proper accreditation practices and presenting your organization to your accrediting body with the utmost excellence.

Change Management & Restructuring
Are you getting the most bang for your buck? Are you sure you're playing all of your players in the best position for them and for you? Ensuring your team structure is well-defined and solid can be one of the winning advantages over your competition. Feel Be Do Good teaches you how to play to your team's strengths. Change Management & Restructuring resources we recommend.

Community Matters
Feel Be Do Good has partnered with Community Matters to wake up the courage of students and adults to create schools and communities that are welcoming, safe, and inclusive. Services provided inlcude: Safe School Ambassador Training; Whole School Climate 360 Assessment; Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs Peer-to-Peer Training; Cyberbullying Solutions; Restorative Practices Trainings; Bus Driver Bullying Prevention and Intervention Training; Parent Workshops; Waking Up Courage Assembly; Suspension Loss and Cost Calculator; Connect and Respect; Youth Summit; Safer Schools Community Symposium; Bystander Education for Universities and Colleges; Keynotes and Presentations; Funding Sources for Schools. Community Matters research & resources.

Diversity & Inclusion

Does your team know that diversity reaches beyond the color of our skin and the age or the gender of our bodies? Have you discussed personal histories or personality preferences? What if everyone on your team played the same position, how would you reach high performance? Does your team know its individual and collective strengths and weaknesses? Have they been communicated to one another? Are they respected and understood? Diversity & inclusion resources we recommend.

Executive & Personal Coaching
Are you tired? Worn out? Not sure you're in the right position or even in the right place? You are not alone! 84% of people are actively looking for new work with the hope that they'll find the right place and the right position. Or, maybe you're in the right place and even in the right position, but you need some neutral guidance or want to improve your game. Feel Be Do Good ensures you're in the right place, the right position, and you're the best at your game. Executive & Personal Coaching resources we recommend.

Leadership Development
Are leaders born or built? Of course, we can debate either side of the argument. Regardless, if you're in a leadership position, or you are trying to train up your team of leaders, regular training to keep current with best practices is priceless. The return on investment for scheduling and holding your team accountable to regular opportunities for development not only individually enhances your player's performance, but collectively enhances your team's performance. Feel Be Do Good puts you on the best training track for your team. Leadership Development resources we recommend.

Marketing, Communication & Branding
Does your brand clearly communicate who you are and what you do? Is your marketing reaching your desired clientele? Do you have defined logo standards, fonts, colors, sizes, etc? Those may seem like small details but, to the discerning customer, they speak volumes of the type and quality of work you will provide for them.
What about your internal communication? What's your plan? How are changes and/or important news disseminated? One of the single most important tools you have at your disposal is how you communicate to your team. Do they know who's on first? If they don't, why not? Feel Be Do Good will help you reach the right audience with the right message for both your team and your customers. Marketing, Communication & Branding resources we recommend.

Organizational Well-being
Are you tired? Stressed? Coming in early? Leaving the office late? Taking work home? Checking email or taking phone calls at your child's extracurricular events? These are all too common symptoms of stress in the workplace. And, it only takes one player being ill to infect the whole team. It's even worse when that player might be the leader. Stress can be identified and avoided. Schedule a consultation with Feel Be Do Good to increase your team's overall well-being. Organizational Well-being resources we recommend.

Performance Evaluation
Do the players on your team know how they are being individually graded, scored, or rated? Are their goals and metrics clear, communicated, and readily available for reference? Are they included in setting those goals and metrics? Are their teammates contributing to their evaluation? And, are your players allowed to request feedback on their progress at any time? These simple best practices, paired with a great evaluation tool, can keep your individual players consistently at their peak performance. Feel Be Do Good will help enhance your performance evaluation process. Performance Evaluation resources we recommend.

Process Improvement
All of your processes are perfect, right? Everything runs smooth and there is absolutely no room for improvement. Ok, so we know that is all how we wish our current state was. However, we all know the constant complaints and suggestions for improving processes that we field. Feel Be Do Good improves processes within your team so you can outperform the competition. Process Improvement resources we recommend.

Staff Engagement
Did you know that 1/3-1/2 of one's overall life satisfaction is directly correlated to happiness and engagement at work? And, guess what? Research shows that happiness and engagement, at work, is critically defined by a supervisor's role. So . . . If you're reading this, that's probably you! Engaging your team can be one of the most difficult tasks you face as a leader and, yet, it is one of the most critical to business outcomes. While there's no simple manual on how-to, Feel Be Do Good offers many assessments and solutions to customize a solution to engaging your team. Staff Engagement resources we recommend.

Strategic Planning & Open Book Management
What are your mission, vision, and values? How do you measure success? Does your team know how they are being graded, scored, rated? Are they accountable for contributing to your success? If your team doesn't know the goal and the plays, you'll never make an intentional win. Feel Be Do Good will help your team win! Strategic Planning & Open Book Management resources we recommend.

Team Building
When is the last time your team had practice before a game? And, before you answer, meetings don't count! Team building is one of the most important factors to success that you can regularly engage in. It can be as simple as an activity at the beginning or end of every meeting, or as intense as a commitment to a quarterly workshop. Feel Be Do Good helps build your team. Team Building resources we recommend.