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"Outstanding and skilled facilitator. She created an atmosphere in which all participants felt welcome and valued. Her engaging personality, sense of humor, genuine compassion, passionate leadership and thorough knowledge created an attractive environment." -Col. Eric Ely, Maintenance Group Commander, Air National Guard

"Great facilitator. She really engaged everyone in each class. You were always made to feel you were a true important part of the class. I did walk away with lessons learned and am using them in my daily work and relationships." -Joann Farnham, Scholarship Manager, Battle Creek Community Foundation

"Great and brought a lot of energy and support to the class." -Dawn Smith, Executive Director, Substance Abuse Council

"Wonderful facilitator who brought genuine experiences and insight to the course and demonstrated genuine concern for students. The course was exceptional!" -Kat Olsen, Human Resource & Business Manager, Binder Park Zoo

"Very professional and the group exercises to get to know each other were fun and informative." -MSgt. John Freemire, Fuels Flight Superintendent, Air National Guard

"Awesome personality and method of integrating the information presented with activities to stimulate conversation and thought. Very informative and enlightening!" -Capt. Rachel Kallenberg, Comptroller, Air National Guard

"Great personality for these topics! All staff should be required to attend." -John Hyden, JD, Chief Compliance Officer, Allegiance Health

"Great content and useful tools. Very relevant. Everyone enjoys the facilitator's presentation style. Very engaging and team building." -Amy Schultz, MD, Director of Prevention & Community Health, Allegiance Health

"I so appreciated your calm, easy manner and your willingness to go with the flow of the class. Clearly, you have created a warm, safe environment where the participants feel free to share openly - and that is certainly to your credit. Not sure the last time I saw a group where almost everyone participated without prompting. Truly amazing!" -Mary Jane Mapes, President, The Aligned Leader Institute

"What a great day it was! You handled everything with skill, grace, and professionalism. Great job and well done! I express my gratitude for the gift of your life and all the people you touch with your gracious spirit. It is a great pleasure to work with you. I respect your hard work and professionalism. And I am appreciative to have such a wonderful and competent woman bring such fun and life to our team." -William Divane, Psy.D., Senior Associate Dean of Students
and Director of Health & Wellness, Lakeforest College